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History / presentation

The HEF Groupe is a world leader in surface engineering, capable of proposing to its customers, large accounts or SMBs, a total service ranging from research, through industrial development and technology transfer, to the utilization of processes or the supply of components.
In order to accompany its customers as well as possible in their approaches and create genuine partnerships, the HEF Group relies on the strength and complementarity of its commercial network, HEF Durferrit, and of its custom treatment network, Techniques Surfaces, located in more than about twenty countries.
HEF's key expertise is in:
  • Tribology and functionalization      of surfaces
  • Thermochemical treatments and, in particular,      controlled liquid ionic nitriding treatments (CLIN®).
  • PVD - PACVD vacuum deposition, such as DLC      (Diamond-Like Carbon) and the other mechanical and      tribological layers.
  • Friction rings and components
The great variety of its processes today enables the HEF Group to be involved in the functionality of surfaces, thus opening up new prospects. The HEF Group thus continues to develop, as witnessed by its numerous research contracts and partnerships, surface engineering constituting the core business and recognized area of excellence of the HEF Group.